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Siwa Salt, UK

Our Purity Comes from Nature.
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About Us

Siwa Salt UK is a UK based business to business company that owns and operates salt mining fields in the western desert of Egypt around the Siwa Oasis. We have many years of business experience in London, UK and we have now formed a very select professional team that covers all the essential areas of communications, marketing and shipping to enable us to serve the market globally and ensure our business partners have the best customer experience possible.

  • High Sodium Chloride(NaCl) purity of 99.26%
  • Low moisture content of 0.40%
  • Low content of Calcium 0.06%, Magnesium 0.06% & Insoluble matter 0.28%

To discover more about our salt please visit our about page.

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Our Products

Raw Salt

Raw salt means the extracted salt is supplied as it is, without any additional processing.

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Washed Salt

The raw salt is washed by using a brine solution to decrease the undesired elements (calcium..

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Sieved Salt

Based on customer requirement we can sieve the salt by mechanical sieves, in order to..

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Crushed Salt

We can also process the salt using grinding mills. With this process we can crush the salt to..

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Water Softening Salt

We produce tablet, granular and block salt for water softening. Our refined..

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